Temporary anonymous email forward

What does forwarding do?

If you wish to benefit from MailCatch temporary anonymous email without having to check the homepage every seconds for new mails, you can simply tell us to forward any new incoming emails on an inbox to your own email address.

I will get all the spam!

No not really, when you add a forwarding you set it for a limited duration(30 minutes, 1 hour, ...). This way should the inbox you choose be the target of much spam, it will only be forwarded to you for a short amount of time.
You can also delete any forwards at any time on this page.

Does this mean I own the inbox for a time?

Not at all, everybody will still be able to check it, should they know which to check. Also more than one person can have a forward on an inbox.
We take special care to NOT return an error when somebody deletes a forward that did not exist. This way nobody can know you were watching a specific inbox.


To prevent spammers from using MailCatch to send spam, which is really against the spirit of this service, we require that people register to use the forwarding feature.
See the premium page for more info.