MailCatch Premium Features

What do I get?

Premium MailCatch users will get access to two extra features:

Why do I have to pay?

First and foremost, registering a domain name costs money; so does doing it automatically and without any hassle (barring some waiting time) for you.
Also this helps pay for the server to handle MailCatch and for the time spent developping it.

The subscription fee is very low at 3€ / month, which hopefully shouldn't be too much a drain for most people. It is batched every 4 months to make sure unsavory people don't just register, get a domain and unsubscribe, leaving us with a negative bill to pay.

Register using PayPal

Click on the button bellow, you will be sent to the secure payment page. Once you subscribe, PayPal will generate a login/password for you that you can use on MailCatch. Take care to remember it (you can always get it back on PayPal interface).



Check inbox

Random address

You can use any address you want, but in case you can't think of a good cryptic one, here is a random one:
(Copies to your clipboard automatically)

Rapid access

You can access your mailbox even faster by using an url like that:

RSS Feed

You can access your mailbox as a RSS feed using your favorite feed aggregator. Just enter your mailbox name and click on the RSS button.